Sleeper Steel Posts

Sleeper Steel Posts

Retaining wall Galvanased Steel Sleeper Posts H or Corner RETAINING WALL SUPPORT GALVANISED STEEL POSTS 100MM X 100MM H SECTION AVAILABLE IN 1.2M, 1.5M, 1.8M, 2.1M , 2.4M, 3M ,3.6M 4.2M, 4.8M 63MM*63MM H SECTION AVAILABLE IN 1.2M, 1.5M ,1.8M, 2.4M 100MM X 50MM C SECTION AVAILABLE IN 1.2M, 1.5M...

Product Details

Other name:Retaining wall h post

Technique:Hot/Cold Rolled/Galvanized

Usage:sleeper retaining wall post

OEM services:Saw cutting,Punching,Zinc coat

Application:sleeper retaining wall post

The surface of the galvanized post sleeper is clean and smoth without damage and zinc ash.

The average of coating thickness is at lest 85um.


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1. What sizes and profiles is retaining wall posts available in?

Retaining wall post is available in all sizes for customer’s needs and three profiles:

Corner, Joiner and End Post profiles

Retaining wall posts 75mm system suits sleepers that are 75mm width

Retaining wall posts 50mm system suits sleepers that are 50mm width

2. What post size goes with which wall height?

The retaining wall post system is made to suit 200mm timber sleepers, the most common and popular size timber sleepers.

3. How deep do I need to put the posts into the ground?

As a general rule of thumb, half the post should be in the ground and half out.

4. How far apart do I space my posts?

Post spacing is dependent on two factors:

i. your design, that is how long you want your sleepers to be in your project space. Timber sleepers are generally available in 2.4m lengths

ii. the weight behind the wall which will have the most significant bearing; the greater the load behind the wall the more prone to bowing the sleepers may be. For a more accurate indication of the maximum length of sleeper to use, please consult with a landscaper or timber supplier in your local area.