Overview Of Steel Tubes

- May 02, 2017-

The development of steel tube production technology began in the rise of bicycle manufacturing industry the development of oil in the early 19th century, the manufacture of ships, boilers and airplanes during the two World War II, the production of thermal power boilers after the Second World War, the development of the chemical industry and the drilling and transportation of oil and natural gas, etc., have vigorously promoted the development of steel pipe industry in varieties, yield and quality

Steel tubes are not only used for conveying fluids and powdered solids, exchanging heat energy, making mechanical parts and containers, it is also an economical steel. The steel pipe is used to manufacture architectural structure mesh rack, pillar and mechanical bracket, which can lighten the weight, save metal 20, and realize the mechanized construction of factory. (Tianjin Steel Pipe Company Processing Workshop because of the use of steel mesh frame structure, the actual saving of steel up to 42.9%), the use of steel pipe road bridge not only can save steel, simplified construction, and can greatly reduce the area of the coating, saving investment and maintenance costs. Therefore, any other type of steel can not be completely replaced by steel tubes, but the steel tubes could replace some of the profiles and bars. Steel tubes have great relations with the development of national economy and the quality of human life, far better than other steel. From the people's Daily appliances, furniture, supply and drainage, gas, ventilation and heating facilities to a variety of agricultural machinery manufacturing, underground resources development, defense and aerospace guns, bullets, missiles, rockets, etc. are inseparable from the steel tubes.