The Advantages of Using Structural Steel over Wood

- Nov 17, 2018-

The Advantages of Using Structural Steel over Wood
From small to high-rise buildings, to bridges among other steel structures, as the foundation of most houses, homebuilders, engineers, and architects know that steel will always be the material of choice. The reasons are obvious—steel is stronger and more durable than wood and depending on the usage, it can be cost-effective. So when looking for steel for sale, get it from a trusted supplier.

Faster construction
In the fast-evolving world today, ready-made and customized materials are a necessity to maximize time and manage the schedule. Remember, time is money. Ordering pre-fabricated structural beams, flat bars, or angular bars made of steel which are based on the given specification greatly slashes time and effort in the assembly and construction, allowing more things to be completed in a faster pace.

Save money
The potential of using steel is not only limited to the strength and durability of the building, but it can also save you money. From the labor savings of decreased construction time, it also saves you from potential regular expenditures brought by maintenance fees and repairs because steel requires less maintenance and is very durable.

Effect to nearby establishments
With faster time to build and construct projects, not only it turns into savings, but it positively affects nearby businesses. Yes, construction affects the flow of traffic, as well as possible disruption on water and electricity.

Lighter than wood
While it is true that steel is physically heavier than wood, there are certain instances when using steel could make your structure even lighter yet remains stronger compared to wood. It’s all about designing the frame of the structure using I-beam and angular bars among other steel structural materials. In fact, the limit of the use of steel lies in the imagination of the homebuilders, engineers, and architects.

One more thing—steel is more environment-friendly compared to wood. According to studies, steel is the world’s most recycled material. And with the advancements in manufacturing and recycling steel, no wonder it becomes better, cheaper, sustainable, and even more environment-friendly. Just make sure you purchase quality steel products from trusted steel suppliers.