How do you remove mill scale from stainless steel?

- Jan 05, 2018-

Scales and rust formed on Steel Coil’s surface is traditionally removed by two process:

Physical Scale Removal: The two most common technique used is Shot Blasting and Scale Breaker (making the coil pass through series of rolls and making them bend at different angles)

Mechanical Scale Breaking

The steel sheet or the coil is made to pass through rollers that bend to break the scales and eventually weakening the scale which can be later removed by shot blasting.

Shot Blasting:

Mild steel shots are fired using centrifugal fans at the rusted surface of the steel. The shots at high pressure (around 10 Bars) cause the scales to break and fall of.

Chemical Treatment: Chemical treatment like pickling and electro pickling causes the remaining scales to dissolve away. Mixture of Hydrofluoric acid and Nitric Acid is used. This is usually the final step and most of the time gets rid of all the scale formed during annealing or preheating.

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