Different Kinds of Steel and Their Various Characteristics

- Nov 14, 2018-

Different Kinds of Steel and Their Various Characteristics
Steel has been a huge part of our lives. Normally used for structural purposes like building frames, they are now utilized in the decorative department as well. To help you find the right kind of steel for your intended purpose, here are some common types that you can be familiar with.

Carbon Steel
This is the most common type of steel in the market today. Comprising a percentage of carbon ranging from 0.3% (low to mild-carbon steel) to 0.6% (high carbon steel), this tough and versatile steel can be made even harder by mixing it with other elements and metals. Examples of which are nickel, molybdenum, silicon, and chromium that are mixed to create cast iron, which is commonly used in household items.

While on the topic of composite metals, alloys are another good example of metal you can use for interior decorations. This is commonly iron that’s mixed with other metals and elements — aside from the ones previously mentioned — to adjust their characteristics. Thanks to their various traits, this is the most common metal used for motors, transformers, and other delicate parts that you can use for fragile household items like lighting fixtures.

Stainless Steel
One of the most common metals you buy for steel tubing and kitchen equipment, stainless steel is also a great choice for home interior décor. Highly resistant to corrosion, thanks to its high chromium content (10-20%), these kinds of steel products are prized for their incredible potential to be shaped and designed while avoiding rust. Also, certain combinations with other elements can yield different types of metals for specific uses. Examples of which are the austenitic, ferritic, and martensitic elements.

Steel’s versatility goes unsung more often than not, but it’s not too late to discover and highlight the benefits it can offer to you and your household. The aforementioned examples and the common uses for them are just touching the surface of what they can be used for, especially in the creative and design department. Even in private residences’ interior design, steel will always prove its mettle.