Carbon Steel Pipe Pickling Process

- Nov 09, 2018-

Carbon Steel Pipe Pickling Process

At the rolling of stainless steel tubes, particularly in the manufacturing procedure for precision steel tubes, just how can the acid pickling procedure move?These days, the mysterious veil has been introduced for you! The usage of an acid solution to remove rust and scale from metal surfaces is known as pickling.

Mainly impregnated jet, jet acid and adware adhesive rust removal. Generally, that the impregnation pickling way is usually used, along with the spray procedure may be utilized in mass manufacturing. On account of the fantastic impact of acidity on alloy rust, corrosion inhibitors will need to be added. 

After cleansing, the alloy gets silver and the surface is passivized to enhance the corrosion resistance of stainless steel.To be able to get rid of the surface adsorption of the semiautomatics ground carrier and cut back the tailing of their chromatography peaks, then the carrier has to be acid-washed or even alkali-washed before use.

Pickling is completed by dipping the provider with 6 mol/L lipoic acid for two hours or heat using concentrated hydrochloric acid for half an hour, filtering, washing with water into neutrality, and drying.  Pickling eliminates impurities like aluminum, iron, calcium, calcium and calcium on the outside but doesn’t eliminate silanol groups.