In New Steel, we have the capability to fabricate residential and commercial house steel projects for our customers.

Customers can send us detailed drawings including architectural drawings, engineers drawing and shop drawings, we will do our best to delivery the fabricated projects with best quality and competive price. Customers are also welcomed to call us or visit our work shop to tell us their requirements and have more detailed discussion with our staff. We can explain our working process and help our customers better understanding the fabricated projects.

In New Steel, we not just do the steel fabrication, we also offer solutions for surface treatment of the steel projects such as power coating, galvanizing. And we also do on-site welding and installation for our customers, through which we can help customers adjust the projects to adjust the project to make them more suitable for installation.

In New Steel, we always partner with our customers to get the projects done faster and better.


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17_副本.jpg  Daewoo Shipbuilding Plant Costruction(001).jpg

Huangdao Refinery Project(001).jpg  Jiangxi Jiujiang Power Plant Construction(001).jpg

JI'nan Baihua Gardon Steel Structural residence(001).jpg  Ji'nan Steel Production Line Project(001).jpg

Kimbo Plant Construction(001).jpg  Wan Hua Chemical  Plant Construction(001).jpg